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Making Disciples That Make Disciples
Event: 04/28/18
Post: 03/14/18

Catgeory: Announcement

Description: Heads up!
On Saturday, April 28 I’ll be doing a 5 hour seminar on Making Disciples That Make Disciples at Dan MaCleod’s Church.

We’ll be talking about:

Engaging a Community
Finding a Person of Peace
Starting a Discover Bible Study Group
and Planting Churches

At this seminar you will get hands on experience in doing a DBS, and quite frankly probably get very excited about this approach. Whether your willing to take the risk is up to you. Interested?

Just contact Dan MaCleod at
or give Dan a call or text at 443 926 3032. He’ll get the details to you.

Keep thriving in the Kingdom.

Thor Colberg
Multiply Vineyard

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